Piotr Jaroszyński

Metaphysics and Art
Catholic Thought from Lublin.Vol. 11

Anyone who enjoys reading Etienne Gilson's stunning works on the relation between metaphysics and art, such as Painting and Reality and The Arts of the Beautiful, should love Piotr Jaroszynski's Metaphysics and Art. In my opinion, the book is a masterpiece, deserving of the same level of lofty respect that scholars give to comparable works by Thomistic scholars such as Gilson and Jacques Maritain. Anyone seriously interested in the relationship of metaphysics and art, the way this relationship has developed historically in the West, and the impact it has had historically on Western culture, especially today, should read this book. The author's mastery of his…

Translated by Hugh McDonald.
New York: 2002 Peter Lang Publishing

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